Born in Milan, Italy, he spent several years backpacking to school, being bullied by his chain-smoker friends and growing his fabulous hair. He was chubby throughout middle school, had a Mohawk, wore sandals with socks and was made fun for his soft titties. At age 19 he moved to the U.S. in order to study art and film-making. Upon graduation he moved to sunny California and worked at Pixar and DreamWorks Animation Studios. In 2013 he moved to NYC and started working at Blue Sky Studios, where he currently helps making animated movies.

Despite the temptation to continuously rewrite his self-summary in third person he is often found doodling or otherwise painting. He provides for his cats, snapchats with them and If they don’t relieve themselves on any sensitive piece of furniture he also pets them.

He likes to receive okcupid messages, especially those congratulating him on his good looks. He has never received any of those before, but he thinks it would be nice. His username on Plenty of Fish (POF) was “plentyofsausage”. His inbox died a virgin.

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